Friday, October 21, 2005

How Stella's Getting Her Groove

My daughter Stella has had three boyfriends already, and she is only 3 1/2. Her first boyfriend was named Oliver and he was pretty hot. I found out by a very disgruntled mom at Stella's preschool that Stella stole Oliver away from her daughter. I'm thinking, yeah, and? My daughter's got flirt skills like you wouldn't believe, so is anyone surprised? Anyway, Oliver's mom decided that he would be happier at some snooty preschool in Manhattan Beach, so Oliver left.
Stella was quite upset that Oliver left and told me that she's resorted to kissing Kassidy (who is a girl). "Me and Kassidy can get married, right Mom?" she asked me hopefully. I didn't answer and looked out the window.

Stella has now found a new boyfriend, or rather, two new boyfriends. They are twins. Stella interchanges them at her leisure, which is quite funny. She can't tell them apart, so one is just as good as the other. I am not quite sure if either twin is aware that they are Stella's boyfriend. They are definitely more interested in Spider Man then my adorable daughter. Oliver knew who his girl was-I had to practically yank him off of Stella when I would pick her up from school. Love is so difficult...

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