Monday, October 24, 2005

Bling! Bling!

Every week my Kindergarten class reads a new "Weekly Reader." This week, the Weekly Reader was about everyone's favorite slaughterer: Christoper Columbus. The magicians (I mean illustrators) at the Weekly Reader publishing company chose to illustrate Mr. CC as a cartoon character with chubby cheeks, and boy, did he have a "rough time sailing the seas", until "Finally, he saw land!" In no place of the very informative
narrative were Native Americans ever mentioned.

Rosa Parks died today. Here she is, getting finger printed over something as ridiculous as refusing to get up out of her seat on a hot Southern bus. Damn! She was tired! I'd like to see someone try that with me now. "Get up! This seat is for white people only!" some random angry white man with red flushed cheeks yells at me. "So?" I would answer. "I'm half-white. Na-na-na-na-na-na!"

Not only would I like to see a white American try that now, but I would also like to see a black person revolt the way we used to. We have become so used to American life the way it is today, that we have become complacent with moderate tolerance. When did we decide that we should replace the word "revolution" with the word *bling*? "Bling" is such an easy word to replace-what about...elevate? "Wow, did you see all that elevation on that young black man today?" one person could say to another. Or how about, "Damn, man, how did you elevate like that? I need to get me some of that!"

So let's stop *blinging* and start elevating. Maybe then, some publishing house in New York will write a Weekly Reader about us too-and every word of it will be true.

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